The Peoples – Brian Viglione

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Brian VIGLIONE – Music Producer, Co-Composer


Many of us know Brian Viglione (Dresden Dolls, NIN, Violent Femmes, Scarlet Sails) as a unique drumming voice in our greater creative community and beyond; equal parts power and nuance with a musical spectrum that ranges from the intimately fierce to the openly absurd and everything in between.


What many of us may or may not know, is that this range of skill and talent applies far beyond drum playing exclusively, to the total worlds of music and sound in their shared potentials for expression.


He has produced “Loyalty” by Phillip Boa & The Voodooclub, “10 Neurotics” by Black Tape For A Blue Girl, “Orange” by XNY, “Greatest Tits” by Emilyn Brodsky, & “We Are The Wild Things” by The Republik to name just a few.


Having worked with him over the course of 15 some odd years both filmically – via Dresden Dolls music videos – and musically – as one of many co-creators of the live NEOVOXER soundtrack, Brian & I come well versed in all things strange and wonderful as we create “MUSIC TO SHOOT BY” – the Pre-Soundtrack of SYNEMATIKA.


Pre-Soundtrack? WTF is a PRE-soundtrack?!?!?!?!


More on that later but suffice to say…


Yes Motherfck

SYNEMATIKA - Brian Viglione Music Producer

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