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From award-winning film director Michael Pope,

director of the Dresden Dolls music videos, Who Killed Amanda Palmer,

and the multimedia extravaganza NEOVOXER,

a new genre-bending transmedia project:

what if we can shape human destiny

unveil our true superselves

and rewrite the story of our time

We Are Making The Movie of Our Lives


Part One: The 3D Script

…enter a transdimensional story

of love, lust and cataclysmic discovery

a story made into a tangible place, ripe for exploration

sensual, compelling and twisted artistic visualizations

stunning & haunting soundscapes created in collaboration with Brian Viglione (Dresden Dolls, NIN, Scarlet Sails).

This immersive site-specific installation encompassing a 2000-sq.ft converted mill loft

opened to the public

the documentation of this 3D Script will be made into a book

that will be the bible of a full length movie

all showing facets of Pope’s richly surrealistic world and its surprising stories.

This is the beginning…

SYNEMATIKA: The 3D Script immersive experience

In summer 2016 Michael Pope completed a 30-day lockdown, and an intensive 3-month-long orgy of focused non-stop creation.
The installation was open to the public October-December.

In process now: 2D graphic novel/shooting bible, music videos, film


From 1997 – 2004 Michael Pope spearheaded the creative efforts of over two hundred artists for his Living Cinema Event: NEOVOXER

“A feast for the eyes and ears… an unforgettable sensory experience”

– Boston Globe

“A truly original creation… surrealistic lyricism, as if from an insane dream.”

– Metalopolis


— Weekly Dig

“Part science fiction fantasy, part interactive art installation… fraught with violence, lust, beauty and confrontation… (and) an arresting musical landscape”

– Boston Globe

“Nothing less than cataclysmic”

— Weekly Dig

About Michael Pope

Born and raised in New York City, Michael Pope is an award-winning, self-taught filmmaker and multi-media artist.

He claims an eclectic collection of life experiences that fuel his creative work. From a childhood of dyslexia, truancy and urban exploration through a widely varied career track including crop harvester, phone sex operator and owner of a bike messenger company, Pope’s lifelong adventures have proven to be a unique training ground for his film making.

As auteur of the experimental feature film/event: NEOVOXER, Pope has received The Tanne Foundation Award for outstanding achievements in his field. He is a research grant recipient from the Experimental Television Center, providing funding for “unique talents in electronic image making”, and has received additional support and resources from Mobius Center for Experimental Art in All Media and The Cloud Club (Boston).

Pope has shot, cut and directed many music videos for long-time collaborators The Dresden Dolls, as well as directing their first live concert/documentary dvd and numerous multi-media events under the Dresden Dolls banner. Pope also directed the music video series “Who Killed Amanda Palmer: A Surrealist Mini Mystery” in conjunction with the album and book release of the same name. He has made videos for Ben Folds, Gene Dante & The Future Starlets and many other bands. His music videos are in international rotation including MTV, LOGO and RAGE and have seen premieres on People, Spin, Jezebel and Pitchfork websites.

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Photo by James Holland

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