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Elevator Pitch: Valis meets Taxi Driver meets Institute Benjamenta via In The Realm of The Senses

It is The Dawn of The Imaginary Age…

Passed out drunk in an alley, a self-destroyed filmmaker known sarcastically as ‘Maestro’ is struck by a psychic vision from the mysterious Demi-urge: Samurai vanGO(gh)

Driven to translate the vision’s seemingly impenetrable meaning, Maestro enters Imaginational Space to create a “Tulpa” – This with the design that she become the Living Script of the vision’s wisdom and in turn share its meaning with him.

He names this tulpa: ÁYDEA

Hilarity ensues.

Transmitted From The Imaginary SuperSelf Formerly Known As God”

In a beautiful and brutal process that is equal parts vision quest, detective story, and violent love affair, Áydea and Maestro determine the vision to be a message transmitted from the Imaginary SuperSelf Formerly Known As God. This message, they discover, is an intuitive survival guide carved directly into the psychic DNA of our collective imagination. An operating manual for the 21st Century with which we harness the Quantum Poetic force of human transformation known as The Creative Blade of Yes Motherfck.

Hilarity ensues.

Carved Directly Into The Psychic DNA of Our Shared Imagination”

As a theater of allies both real and imagined race to the cause, there is, however, another force to contend with: The THEY.

A vibrational force that manifests itself in the Quantum Poetic foam of Imaginational Space, THEY are the ones behind every conspiracy ever conceived or enacted since the dawn of time.

And THEY have a most devastating weapon: A global population blindly prepared to act out it’s lowest human potential with the slightest provocation. Most importantly, THEY have defeated Living Scripts and the Heralds of Dawning Ages countless times before.

And of course…

Hilarity ensues.

If I were to make a film about a grapefruit, I would still be making a film about me.”

Federico Fellini –