The 3D Script

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“Some Ideas Don’t Want To Be Dressed Up Quite So Nicely Between Sheets of Paper. Some Ideas Want To Run Fcking Wild and Leave a Few Bruises Behind” – Samurai vanGo(gh)

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I’m making the script for SYNEMATIKA an immersive, non-linear, site-specific installation, because one shouldn’t feel compelled to write a linear narrative script for an immersive, non-linear experience.

Non-linear ideas for a non-linear life, baby.

The 3D Script will also appear in The Feature as primary film set and self-referential storytelling device.

The 3D Script Is a Three Dimensional Collage That Will Include:

  • TEXT
  • and so much fcking more

You’ve seen this sort of thing before: “Crazy Wall” put together by obsessed conspiracy theorist or obsessed detectivedetermined to crack the case. Only, this time, it’s Inspired Artist Unleashed, and the case we’re cracking is the launch code for The Creative Blade of Yes Motherfck that exists in our shared psychic DNA.

“It Will Also Be a Primary Film Set For The Feature”

The 3D Script will be built over a live-streamed 30 day creative immersion that incorporates trance work, meditation, and martial arts practice with creative process, construction and fabrication.

Once built, the installation will be photographed and converted to book format as official shooting script of the SYNEMATIKA experience, as well as Coffee Table Edition available for sale.

Then, we open the installation up to a select public with an opening night live performance “Reading” of SYNEMATIKA.

Then, we bring in the cast and crew and we make ourselves a movie.

Because when one plans on making a transmedia experience about creating The Living Script of The Imaginary AgeOne quickly comes to realize that a conventional movie script is simply not going to cut it.