The Primary Portals of  the SYNEMATIKA experience are:





A site-specific installation of a 3 Dimensional Script (The 3D Script), that will become the shooting script of the overall SYNEMATIKA Experience, as well as primary film set for THE FEATURE

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SYNEMATIKA (The Feature) – A feature length experimental narrative.  RT: 120mins

Elevator Pitch: Valis meets In The Realm of The Senses via Funky Forrest

Designed for distribution in traditional Art House movie theaters, The Feature introduces the Major Arcana of Charactersand fundamental cosmology of Imaginational Space, Quantum Poetics, and The Creative Blade of Yes Motherfck, into the communal lexicon of the  SYNEMATIKA Experience.

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SYNEMATIKA: EPIPHANARIE (The Featurette) – A silent experimental narrative featurette to be screened with music and sound effects performed live.  RT: 45 – 60min

Elevator Pitch: Quest For Fire meets El Topo via Caligula

A touring live event, Epiphanarie is a silent film with an original score and sound effects performed live.

As well as adding to the greater SYNEMATIKA storyline, the official tour will also use it’s location to trigger local aRRt missions for The Collective Creative Action as lead up to and during the local event.

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SYNEMATIKA: EAPERIUM (The Series) – 13 webisodes of extended scene content easter-egged into various parts of the Online Content of the SYNEMATIKA Experience.

Elevator Pitch: The Prisoner meets My Dinner With Andre via Beyond The Black Rainbow

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SYNEMATIKA: OPTISONIK (The Album) – 13 Music Videos for 13 Songs.

OPTISONIK is a “visual album” of 13 music videos for 13 original songs attributed to a fictional band – The Darkside Writers – introduced in The Feature

The videos will be released one a month for 13 months during the production of The Feature and The Featurette. Each music video will contain a clue that leads players to hidden material, bonus tracks and challenges to participate in The Collective Creative Action: THE PLANETARY PICTURE SHOW (The Action).

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SYNEMATIKA: Evalon (The Action) is similar in format to a Role Playing Game (RPG) or an Alternate Reality Game(ARG)* . The difference here is; the “Role” that each one of us plays in this so-called Role Playing Game is…

The Role of ‘Self’ Transforming Into ‘Imaginary Superself of Yes Motherfck’.

And the “Alternate Universe” we’re referring to is…

The One We Are Going To Will Into Existence With Our Collective Creative Actions.


SYNEMATIKA: Evalon is part training technique, part treasure hunt, part ritual of creative expression, part transformative action, and quite specifically

An Additional Yet-To-Be-Defined Movie Created By The Collective Creative Efforts of TheSYNEMATIKA Choreators.

Boom fcking Boom.

Sounds crazy!?!?!

That’s because it is crazy.

Which is why it is fcking awesome.

We’re The Crazy Ones Because We’re The Living Ones

* If you don’t know: The short deal with RPGs and ARGs is something like: There’s a Zombie invasion and you choose if you want to pretend to be a Zombie or pretend to be a Zombie Killer. Then you have all of these various missions and tests you can do depending on the game, either in virtual space and/or in so-called “Real Life”.