Alright gang – As is often the case with me, this isn’t really about making a movie… this is about MAKING a movie.  Meaning our focus here is the Making – and the finding of the others whomest are into the Making.

Because while making movies is the greatest, most challenging, most rewarding medium in existence – if for no other reason because it can combine every other medium currently in existence – the truth is the “Movie” part is mostly just cover. As if your alter-ego is a mild mannered FilmmakingVideoRrtist while in truth you are a Reality Shaping Samurai vanGO(gh) of Yes Motherfck.

That way, if people get all up in your grill, saying: “You don’t ACTUALLY believe you can affect reality with your intentions, DO YOU?”

You can be all like “Me? I’m just making a movie…”

Then we can get back to the less-than-secret technique of physically expressing immaterial intentionalities into the universe, that we call the Making.

Because once we unleash the Making inside – which is another way of saying the Creating inside, which is another way of saying the ImaginarySuperSelfFormerlyKnownAsGod inside…


I have a sneaking suspicion we will see something quite amazing happen.

Jss saying.

It’s possible…


“God Is a Verb” – Samurai vanGO(gh)