“A Planetary Theater of Allies and Enemies, Both Real and Imagined…”

MAESTRO* – A self-destroyed filmmaker sarcastically known as “Maestro”. Part Henry Miller, part Henry Darger, part Philip K. Dick (with a splash of Kenneth Anger and all Three Stooges wrapped into one) – he is the protagonist and narrator of SYNEMATIKA (The Feature).

Living in a world of invisible things slightly seen, Maestroeither possesses extra ordinary supersensory abilities or he’s batshit crazy.

Or both.

INVISIBLES – These are the invisible things slightly seen in life; feelings, ideas, intuitions…External manifestations of people’s emotional states as seen by Maestro (and others) throughout his day to day life. He communicates openly with them and they with him. Much to the bewilderment of those that can’t see them.

Hilarity ensues.

NADA – An intuitive practitioner of the ‘Angelic Arts’, Nada believes Maestro to be a legitimate if reckless channel of powerful transformational knowledge. With this, she imagines herself cat wrangler, soulmate and allied force to their shared goals: Awakening The Collective SuperSelf of The Imaginary Age.

Or, of course, she’s as Loopy-Loo as he is…

ÁYDEA – A metaphysical entity (Tulpa) willed into existence through the intuitive creative rituals of Maestro’s imagination, Áydea is the Living Script of  The Collective SuperSelf and Herald of The Imaginary Age.

Or she is a figment of Maestro’s crazy brains.

Or both.

THE MOONDOG – Harbored at the edge of Imaginational Space, The Moondog are a mission of trickster psychopomps from The Order of The Hounds of 3xFcking Awesome. Trained and devoted to guiding ideas across the various planes of Imaginational Space, The Moondog offer their services in exchange for tribute, trinkets and bribes…

Depending on their mood.

SAMURAI vanGO(gh) – A celestial kung-fu Demiurge of The Imaginary Guild. Traveling through Imaginational Space, Samurai vanGO(gh) projects the Quantum Poeticsource code for the Creative Blade of Yes Motherfck into the collective super-conscious.

And loving it…

THE IMAGINARY GUILD – A Demiurge Collectiveexisting in Imaginational Space.

Part steampunk adventure club, part cosmic-kung fu-filmmaking troupe, The Imaginary Guild of The Deus Ex Machina is tasked with encoding Quantum Poetic secrets into the DNA of existence.

They are equal parts “Greek Chorus”  and co-creators of theStory of Us.

THEY – A vibrational force that manifests itself in theQuantum Poetic foam of Imaginational Space,
THEY are the ones in the back room,
THEY are the ones behind the curtain,
THEY are the ones that shape events like so many pieces on a game board.

And THEY have a most devastating weapon: A global population blindly prepared to act out its lowest human potential with the slightest provocation. Most importantly, THEY have defeated Living Scripts and theHeralds of Dawning Ages countless times before.

Mr. THEY – The inventor of the Techno/Organic system of psychic coercion known as the MEDIACORE, Mr. THEY is the prime architect of mass human manipulation on a trans-temporal, ultra-dimensional level. Whether by virtue of indoctrination or force of subjugation, Mr. THEY is determined to prevent Áydea from enacting the Living Script of The Collective SuperSelf unmolested.

A Love Story.

Of sorts…

(w)UNDERBOY – Maestro’s trans-temporal Inner Childhood Memory, (w)UnderBoy explores Imaginational Space through waking dreams, learning techniques of theCreative Blade that one day, Maestro will be called on to remember.

CAPTAIN IMAGINE aka SuperHeroPrincess – (w)UnderBoy’s imaginary friend & guide through Imaginational Space, Captain Imagine trains (w)UnderBoy in the ways of Quantum Poetics, planting the seed for his FutureSuperSelf.

YOU – Oh yes. That is correct. You-Me-Us-Is-Am-Be-This:The heartbroken believers in humanity. The shakeable but unbreakable disciples of life. The canaries and cosmonauts of inner space. The dark angry spirits of love.

We might be crazy. But we’re the crazy ones because we’re the living ones.

Imagine Everything.