Ok, off the top of my head – because I don’t want to hold off unveiling the site by taking days more to write something, but process is worth mentioning.

This is an art project first and foremost. In that, it is an exploration and adventure and an action.

– A Creative Action –

To that end, we’ll be combining the spontaneity tapped in the making of Neovoxer, with the aesthetic detail and production mobility developed over all of the music videos, with the intuitive language of the Living Images.

We’ll be interweaving rigorous physical and sensory training systems including Chinese KungFu, Japanese Butoh and Shintaido, with various voxist techniques for inducing creative frequency.

“Dialogue Written In Music, Sets Choreographed In Bodies”


We’ll be incorporating and cross-pollinating all the fcking mediums; with dialogue written in music, sets choreographed in bodies, scores composed in paintings – All through the lens of Quantum Poetic Filmmaking 2PointFcking0.

Yes. I’m speaking metaphorically. I’m also speaking literally, and synematikally – motherfckers of love – And we will kill this shit (wif love), and beyond.

Immersion, transmission; Cast, crew and production team all one Planetary Moving Picture Company of Yes Motherfck.

Translation: 33 people locked in a warehouse for 33 days…