BriAnna Olson, Executive Producer

Date: Saturday, Oct. 1
Time: 6-8pm
Location: The Shirt Factory, 77 Cornell St. Rm. 311, Kingston, NY

"SYNEMATIKA: The 3D Script"
Multimedia installation opening October 1 in Kingston, NY

New transmedia project SYNEMATIKA by Michael Pope begins with movie script as 3D immersive installation

Filmmaker and director of experimental feature film NEOVOXER immersed himself in a 30-day endurance lockdown to create a feature film script in 3D, as a 2000-square foot walk-through experience with sound
From award-winning filmmaker and transmedia artist Michael Pope, director of the Dresden Dolls music videos, Who Killed Amanda Palmer, and the creator of the multimedia extravaganza NEOVOXER, comes a new genre-bending transmedia project, which he describes as "A Kungfu-Porno, Action-Adventure, Transmedia Tao of the Creative Process & Love Letter to Life."

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"SYNEMATIKA: The 3D Script” installation by Michael Pope opens October 1 in Kingston, NY"

Michael Pope creating the Synematika 3D Script
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A Site-Specific Installation as 3-Dimensional Film Script

From July-August this summer, Michael Pope completed a live-streamed 30 day endurance "Ritual of Creating" building a site-specific, multi-media installation that will be the 3-Dimensional Script for the experimental feature film: SYNEMATIKA. When completed it will be photographed to become an art book, a downloadable digital graphic novel, and the shooting bible for the movie. The installation will open to the public at 6-8pm October 1, encompassing text, interactive assemblage, visual art, projection, and an atmospheric interactive soundtrack created in collaboration with Brian Viglione (Dresden Dolls, NIN, Scarlet Sails).

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"Transmedia project SYNEMATIKA by Michael Pope begins with movie script as 3D immersive installation"

Why a 3D Script? (Interview)

Interviewed at the Cloud Club in Boston, Pope explained his creative process and why the 3D Script is key:

“What IS a three dimensional script? That’s always the first question I get asked about the project. Of course everybody basically knows the answer, at least in some vague way. It’s a script that exists beyond the two dimensional restrictions of the written page. Simple. The real question people are asking me then is ‘WHY a three dimensional script’ And to that I can only say - It came to me in a dream.”

"You would never expect to write an essay describing the painting you're about to paint... That's not what you would do in preparation of painting a picture; sitting down and writing something that says 'It's going to have blue in it, it's going to have trees... etc. Or, more to the point, if you want to do that - awesome for you - but in that same vein of logic, you can also play a piece of music describing the color blue even more effectively than anything you may write. So… why not?”

“Traditional movie scripts, remember, are actually an invention of the movie ‘business’, not the filmmakers themselves - not the actual movie ‘artists’. The format of the traditional “Hollywood” script was invented, for one simple reason; to control and protect the investor’s financial interests. Their power - the investors - was absolute, because filmmaking was so insanely expensive; I mean movies shot on film, edited on film, projected on film… So insanely expensive that to break out of that mold cinematically one really needed to be some kind of crazy. To be a so-called ‘Indie Filmmaker’ or ‘Movie Artist’ was to really sign up for a life of being broke, broken hearted, and desperately scratching together any cash that might get you back on set. Or, conversely… Step in line, follow the rules, kiss the ring… Which quite frankly, I’ve never been very good at.”

“Now everything has changed. I’m walking around with a machine in my pocket smaller than a deck of cards that, if necessary, can shoot, edit, score, and upload movies to a worldwide viewing theater, AND also works as a god damn telephone… I mean… How do you spell fckingawesome! So the rules of the game are - BOOM - gone. None of us owe the world following arbitrary and obsolete rules. I don’t owe the world writing scripts that start on the first page and end on the last page. This is a great new creative adventure, the implications of which speak to personal expression, social expression, political and economic expression - it’s a collective creative adventure that’s having a tectonic effect on our shared evolution. An effect that is really… Immeasurable at this point.”

“So yes, I'm choosing to do this 3D Script because it's a direct reflection of how I actually create. I immerse; in sound and texture and tempo and environment, the language palette for the human condition is so rarely utilized to it’s fullest, and goes so far beyond just the written and spoken word. I'm not adding the three-dimensional script to my process, the three-dimensional script IS my process. I'm just saying out loud, 'This is my process, and welcome to the show.'"

About Michael Pope

Born and raised in New York City, Michael Pope is an award-winning, self-taught filmmaker and multi-media artist.

He claims an eclectic collection of life experiences that fuel his creative work. From a childhood of dyslexia, truancy and urban exploration through a widely varied career track including crop harvester, phone sex operator and owner of a bike messenger company, Pope’s lifelong adventures have proven to be a unique training ground for his film making.

As auteur of the experimental feature film/event: NEOVOXER, Pope has received The Tanne Foundation Award for outstanding achievements in his field. He is a research grant recipient from the Experimental Television Center, providing funding for “unique talents in electronic image making”, and has received additional support and resources from Mobius Center for Experimental Art in All Media and The Cloud Club (Boston).

In addition Pope has shot, cut and directed the music videos for long-time collaborators The Dresden Dolls, as well as directing their first live concert/documentary dvd and numerous multi-media events under the Dresden Dolls banner. Pope also directed the music video series "Who Killed Amanda Palmer: A Surrealist Mini Mystery" in conjunction with the album and book release of the same name. He has made videos for Ben Folds, Gene Dante & The Future Starlets and many other bands. His music videos are in international rotation including MTV, LOGO and RAGE and have seen premieres on People, Spin, Jezebel and Pitchfork websites.

Press for NEOVOXER

“A truly original creation... surrealistic lyricism, as if from an insane dream”
-- Ondrej Helar, Metalopolis

“Part science fiction fantasy, part interactive art installation... fraught with violence, lust, beauty and confrontation... (and) an arresting musical landscape”
-- Jonathon Perry, The Boston Globe

“A feast for the eyes and ears... an unforgettable sensory experience”
-- David Wildman, Boston Globe

“Groundbreaking... Defying the boundaries of genre...”
-- Brigid Watson, South End News

“Between a long visual narrative and a meditation of color, light, shape, spirit and sound... nothing less than cataclysmic”
-- Anne Weeks, Weekly Dig

“Neovoxer is a beautifully crafted work-in-progress... mesmerizing”
-- Sady Sullivan, Weekly Dig


Synematika Poster Synematika Poster- Maestro Synematika Poster- Samurai VanGogh
Michael Pope on set, photo by James Holland Michael Pope on set of test shoot for SYNEMATIKA, photo by Liz LaManche Synematika mini-poster: Samurai VanGogh