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SYNEMATIKA-BriAnna Olson Executive Producer

BriAnna OLSON – Executive Producer


As we all may know, something can only be greater than the sum of its parts when there are parts to sum up.


SYNEMATIKA already has some amazing parts in action starting wif the celestializing Mx. BriAnna Olson as Executive Producer.


BriAnna & I have worked together for over a decade on countless projects in numerous iterations and she has been an integral voice in the evolution of all things SYNEMATIKA – This, since it’s fever-induced inspiration lo those manyyearsago.


She produced the majority of my “Dresden Dolls” music videos as well as the “Who Killed Amanda Palmer Surrealist Mini-Mystery” music video series, my work for Ben Folds and Gene Dante and The Future Starlets as well as my video art project: Living Images.


She’s gone on to become a music video director and video artist in her own right creating videos for Christopher Barnes, Gem Club, Slow Meadow, Kim Boekbinder and internationally renowned poet Warsan Shire (Young Poet Laureate for London).


She lives in New York and works at The David Lynch Foundation.


(and she is awesomenginealwaysboom)


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