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SYNEMATIKA- Liz LaManche Web Technologist

Liz LaMANCHE – Web Technologist & Designer


As many of us may already know, one of the thrills of putting together a project team is the hunt for that ever-important creative intangible: Chemistry.


Over the last year of SYNEMATIKA development and test shooting, Liz LaManche has proven herself that exact kind of alchemical creative force one looks for. As 21st Century Arrt Macgyver, she has constructed DIY camera dollies, fabricated wardrobe pieces, constructed props and provided extraordinary logistical support and solutions whenever needed.


For the purposes of this introduction, Liz LaManche is working as Web Technologist and Designer, putting together a suite of sites that will be both our public face on the Interwebs and our secret meeting place for building and sharing the awesomeness as this thing grows.


You may have heard of Liz as the artistic powerhouse who made “Connected By Sea,” the 1000-foot permanent tattoo design on an industrial pier in East Boston, the “Stairs of Fabulousness” in Boston City Hall, and the tattoo designs covering 2 city blocks of pedestrian walkways in downtown Salem last season… she tends to keep busy.






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