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Jeff MACH – Head of Messaging


The most recent addition to the SYNEMATIKA experience, Jeff Mach has spent the past fifteen years running events for unusual people.


In 2015, more than 10,000 people came through the doors of his events and, as he puts it, “Not a single one was normal – whatever ‘normal’ is”.


He runs the world’s largest Steampunk event, The Steampunk World’s Fair; the world’s largest indoor Renaissance Faire, The Wicked Faire; and The Geeky Kink Event, an adult event which was predicted to have “an attendance of six people playing Pokemon”, and has become one of the biggest kink events in the United States. Though, to be fair, they DO play a lot of Pokemon.


Jeff joins the project as Head of Messaging. His role is to spread the SYNEMATIKA word through the like-minded-planetary-tribe-o-sphere – that we all might be one epic collective-creative-action-of-yes-motherfck less alone.


And Loving It




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