The Begending Is Now

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Ok, Beautiful Creatures and Creative Comrades In Arms I am fcking thrilled to finally announce the (longest in history) low-slow-rollout of my super-secret-maybe-a-movie-and-much-much-more-project here to officially be known as


(Trumpets and Drums and Angel Voices etc)


S Y N E M A T I K A   (! ! !)


So, you might be thinking to yourself: Michael Pope, WTF exactly is this supersecretmaybemovieladidadimatika thing you’re talking about, anyways?


Well… It is definitely a movie.


Straight up.


Michael Pope is Making a Movie. BOOM.

An Experimental Narrative Feature Film. BOOM.


and (wait for it…)




and… (wait for it)


I do need to keep a bunch of it all SUPERSECRET still…


Because while there is a lot of extra content, concepts and collective creative adventures to be had from it all – HOW one discovers that stuff is as important to the nature of SYNEMATIKA as the Feature Film itself.


Currently I’m putting the final touches on the first of many crowdfunding campaigns for all of this. In the interim and beyond, you can keep a finger to the pulse of the project here. Various iterations of us will be posting info and stuff and opportunities and calls to action and things related etc.


This is going to be some Booty-Shaking, Law-Breaking, Creative Magic-Making of Yes Motherfck happening, people. Suffice to say, I’m off-the-fcking-hook-excited.

X to the O and Way More To Go


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