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I met with Kellner Brown last night, whomest possesses – amongst many of his talents – an uncommon, if not profound, understanding and knowledge of ancient greek literature and history.


The thrill of exploring the potential translations and deeper meanings of the word SYNEMATIKA plastered grins across both our faces for well over an hours or three.


While I’ve generally believed it to mean something akin to “Collective SuperConsciousness”, Kellner walked it through that iteration, and many more nuanced layers that I’m only just processing now.


On this very subject, our shared creative-comrade-in-arms and polyversal Mx. Doriot recently wrote this:


“So what is it, this state of collective willingness? … Because I’m an analyst, I have to break it down a little bit: It’s got to be a metaverse of the multidimensional creative, a time traveling set of matrices of bare phenomena which form this world, and just YES to thinking and doing bigger. The Scots would say syne to mean before now, afterward, since then, there upon, next. That just about covers all of time. Matika is Pāli for matrix. Pāli is the language in which the Buddha taught. So there you have it. Of course… I’m just a willing collaborator….”


This underscores the little known fact that the word SYNEMATIKA came to me in a dream as part of a greater creative command. And that I have spent the better part of many-years decoding that command and converting it into explicit personal creative action. The result of this transcodification is both this project and, in fact, my life as I now live it.


Because that’s how I roll.


Though I still think it’s somehow a Verb.




Kellner and Pope solving the problems of the world... fabulously

Kellner and Pope solving the problems of the world… fabulously

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